The root of all personal and social problems is Moah.The attraction and worry about anything related to this material world is called Moah. The only way to get rid of this Moah is Gyan. After the knowledge of mortality of the things of material world we will stop worrying about them but this knowledge is very difficult to realize.This can be realized only with the help of Real Guru by the full surrender. Brahma Vidyalaya and Ashram was established as the center for realizing five ideals in sequence.


As water and ras are not diffrent from each other, in the same manner Bhakti and Sewa are one and the same. Bhakti is not simply possible without Sewa. In absence of Sewa Bhakti can't be imagined. It is essential to have an object in order to perform Sewa and more importantly the object and the Sevak need to be in Sagun (living) form. Sewa can be performed in Sakam and Niskam manner, however Niskam Sewa is preferred and appreciated more.

Tarahi na binu seve mam swami,
Ram namami namami namami.

The goal of reaching towards Abhista (Brahma) becomes the reason of coming nearer the Istha (Guru). If the objective of life is to realize formless, eternal and infinite Brahma, then the quality of Sewa needed has also to be on the highest possible level and can be done only through the para vidya mode. Traditionally the realization of Brahma has been possible only through the Gyan given by Sadguru. In this scenario the Brahmagyani Sant Sadguru becomes the Sevya and the Shishya is his Sevak.

Mokshamulam Gurukripa

The blessed Shishya is able to realize the Brahma himself, only by serving his Guru.

Sevak sevya bhav binu bhav na tariya urgari.


Prem na badi upaje, Prem na hat bikaye,
Raja parja jehi ruche, Sheesh deyi leyi jaye.

Prem is the verb form of word Param and also is the only way of realizing Param. Param also means the best. In this world Satya is only known as Param and only by loving Satya one can be excepted to realize it and the highest level of bliss associated with it. Its again essential that the Premi and Premya both are Sagun.

Premi only excepts prem and nothing else.

The height of realizing the extreme happiness is Prem which is an emotion. Only the Premi is able to understand Prem. The base and the essence of world is only Prem.

Hai prem jagat me saar aur kuch saar nahi hai.

Only a Premi can feel this. He is not able to see anything else. Any amount of material pleasure in terms of kingdom, wealth, honor or fame hardly matters to him. He has evolved to a stage where he is not even conscious of his own body. Whether this body remains or not, whether he is existing in present or not, all these questions become irrelevant as he is aware only of the form with which he has associated himself and in fact he evolves to a level where there is meaning only his Premi's existence. At this stage Radha gets integrated in Krisha in a way where no difference remains and Sita becomes Ram. To be able to surrender completely, remains the only objective of Premi. The example of Chand (The Moon) and Chakor (A Bird) will be very apt here. While looking at the moon the Chakor never realizes that when he got tarpped in the hunter's noose and gives away his life.

Prem to asia chahiye jaisa chand chakor,
Ghent tut bhui ma gira puni chitave ohi owr.

To realize the state of Adwait (absolute) with Premi is only known as Prem.


Yogah karmasu kaushlam

Yogen yog pravartante, Yogen yog vijatinam,

Yo apramtastu yoge, Sa yoge ramate chiram.
Tapaswaiabhyodhiko yogi, Gynaibhyoapimatoadhikah,
Karmibhyashchaadhiko Yogitasmadyogibhavarjuna.


Yenamgyatva sarveavgyatum bhavti, Iti gyanam.

The element whose knowledge helps to have knowledge of everything is known as Gyan.

Nitya sarvagatah stahnu achalo ayam sanatanah.

Brahma satya jaganmithya.


A very nice example from Mundakopnishad, regarding moving towards Mukti is

Dwa suparna sayuja sakhaya, Samanam vriksham parishashwa jaate.
Tayoranya pippal swadwattya, Nashnannyo abchakashiti.
Samanevrikshe purusho nimagno, anishya sonchti muhyamanh,
Jushta yada pashyatyanyamish, Masya mahimanimiti veetshok.

Paramatma and Jeevatma both resides as birds in heart of the human body. Agyani Jeevatma is destined to go through the destined cycles of dukh and sukh periodically the bird in Paramatma form is just a Drasta who watches the proceedings dispassionately without getting involved.