Ajmer Kuti

This kuti was constructed by Mahatma Darshanandji during 1996-98 near Dorai Railway Station in Ajmer in Rajsthan.This kuti is orgnaised and supervised by Mahatma Rajeshwaranand Ji.This kuti is just 20 km away from Puskar Tirth and present Swamiji visits here yearly.

Lucknow Kuti

This kuti was constructed during 1978-79 with the assistance of devotees.This kuti is situated in Nishatganj Muhalla Lucknow.Brahmalin Swamiji Maharaj used to visit this kuti per year after holi and current Swamiji visits here yearly.

Sarnath Kuti

Sarnath is the place where Buddha had given first spritual lacture and five person beacame his pupil.This kuti is situated 1/3 km north from the Sarnath Chauraha.Present Swamiji visits here yearly in Shravan month.

Nandana Kuti

This kuti is situated in south-west direction at the distance of 12 km from Bhabhua and 1 km from Hata Market and was constructed by Brahmalin Shri Maharaj ji around 1940 at the land gifted by Prabhunarayan Singh, Soan Kunwar, Vishwanath Nonia, Jagannath Nonia and several other devotees.Present Swamiji visits here yearly in Mahashivrati.

Nepal Kuti

This kuti is situated in Panchtala village of Nepal at the distance of 40 km from the capital Kathmandu towards Himalayas.This kuti is the result of concept and effort of Mahatma Shukdevanandji, Mahatma Vimleshwaranandji and Mahatma Someshwaranandji being nepali citizen.

Ballia Kuti

Mahatma Darshanandji constructed this kuti in Krishna Nagar at Lucknow Ballia Highway.The town Ballia is situated in front of Chhotka Rajpur at the distance of 7 km.Brahmalin Swamiji used to visit Ballia each year.Present Swamiji also visits here in Basant Panchami yearly.

Raniganj Kuti

This kuti was constructed by Mahatma Vishnanandji at the gifted land with the assistance of devotees.Present Swamiji visits here yearly.

Tekari Kuti

The Tekari kuti was constructed by present Swamiji according to the order of Brahmalin Swamiji in 1889 with the assistance of devotees.Tekari town is situated 25 km north-west from Gaya.Present Swamiji visits here in Ram Navami festival every year.

Patna Kuti

According to the order of Brahmalin Swamiji Present Swamiji and Mahatma Vyashanandji constructed the kuti near Sadakat Ashram in Kurji at the distance of 200 m from Kurji More at Kurji-Patna High Court Road.

Pakur Kuti

Brahmalin Mahatma Darshanandji constructed this according to the order of Brahmalin Swamiji in 1998.This is situated in Mal Pahari Road.

Kolkata Kuti

This kuti was constructed at the bank of Hugali river in south-west of Kolkata with the assistance of devotees in the proper guidence of Present Swamiji with the assistance of devotees.